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Swedish or Deep Tissue techniques, Wellness Massage Therapy treats the superficial layers of muscles and connective tissues of the whole body. It stimulates circulation, relieves muscle tension and promotes relaxation.

Dry Cupping, which uses rubber or plastic suction cups applied to the skin to increase blood flow and circulation.  Dry Cupping is the type most commonly seen in the United States today.

Lactation therapy is a very safe and effective way to relieve breast pain, hard udder and swelling during breastfeeding. By stimulating the nipple and gently moving massage from the outside to the inside in the direction of the mammary gland.

Massage Therapy

30 Minutes $45   |   60 Minutes $65

Include Hot Stone/Essential Oil

Dry Cupping Therapy

60 Minutes - $75

Include Skin Soothing Care

By Appointment Only

Lactation Therapy

$300 - 90 mins Treatment


Free Consultation

By Appointment Only

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